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Simian Desk Clock- Ape in Four Dimensions

Simian Desk Clock- Ape in Four Dimensions

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This great ape has mastered the complexity of time itself. Forged in pewter by a much larger, less elegant ape. This is no tree dwelling monkey clock (no tail), this beast will be most comfortable roaming the plateau of your desk, mantel, book shelf or somewhere in the mist. Very adaptable. About 3 inches (~7.5cm) tall.

About the clock insert: I've used these over the years, they're reliable and the battery life is pretty good. There is a rubber ring that makes a friction fit. It stays in place well and is easy enough to pull out to reset the time or replace the battery. Tell me your timezone in the comments and I'll set the time.

Cast in pewter and polished to a fine luster in Eugene, Oregon.
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